You have 5 seconds to capture a potential customer’s interest online.

Customers no longer read, they scan. Important keywords your customers are scanning for should be front and center.

Do you have the right information in the right place? We can help.

  • Don’t hide contact information, hours, and location under “About Us” or “Contact Us”
  • Showcase seasonal information (coupon for air-conditioning tune up)
  • Clearly communicate why customers should choose you – Tell them what is your point of difference is.

Customers judge your business based on what they see online.

Customers want to know what to expect from your business before even stepping foot in your shop or calling you. The way you Website looks can say anything from cheap to premium, experienced or going out of business soon. What does your online presence say about your business? Let us help craft your online image.

  • Display a photo gallery (before and after)
  • Share photos and biographies of you and your staff
  • List certifications, awards, and other trust factors

Unusable websites are the biggest emotional barriers for customers.

49% of websites fail to comply with basic usability principles, and 50% of online sales are lost because visitors can’t find what they are looking for. Many customers who search online are hurried, hungry, or already frustrated. A disorganized Website only adds to that frustration, driving them to look elsewhere for service (often to your competitor). Usability is built into every Website we build.

  • Key information is front and center
  • Best practices for web design are used
  • Mobile-friendly HTML design
  • Current look and feel, so you look open for business
  • Speed and dependability, no loading or down time

Satisfied customers need to be reminded that you exist.

Dissatisfied or unhappy customers leave feedback. Satisfied customers tend to move on with their day. Ensure your business is top-of-mind, by being on the same social channels that your customers are on. For example, many customers search for do-it-yourself help. Offering free expert advice creates trust. As the professional expert, your Website can provide helpful advice to keep customers interested while showcasing your knowledge and skills.

How do you stay top-of-mind? Roalex Marketing can help.

  • User and search engine-friendly Website
  • Consistent Online Local Listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and more
  • Social Media Management

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