The world of marketing — and content marketing in particular — is constantly evolving. Although traditional means of spreading the word about a business are still relevant, they are not as effective as high-quality shareable content. In fact, content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional methods, and it can generate three times as many leads. Nearly four out of five CMOs believe that custom content will shape the future of marketing.

Given the importance and efficacy of content marketing, you can’t afford not to stay abreast of what is happening within the industry. Did you know that almost 40 percent of company employees in a survey by CopyPress believe that the efforts of their on-staff content marketing professionals aren’t very effective?

If you feel similarly about the marketers on your staff, it may be time to reevaluate your company’s approach to content. A savvy strategy can help to improve your visibility and search rankings and help you to build a rapport with your target audience. You may have to spend a little more to get what you want; roughly one-quarter of respondents in the CopyPress survey spend less than $5,000 annually on content marketing.

Are you curious about the perspective of creatives and freelancers in content marketing? Well over half of freelancers work at it full time, but an even higher percentage said that they make less than $20,000 a year from their efforts. Less than one-third of respondents were happy with their per-word rate of pay.

To learn even more about what CopyPress discovered, check out this infographic that outlines the current content marketing ecosystem.