Social Media Management

For small businesses to market their products and services to local audiences today, social media is a must.

Roalex Marketing provides social media management packages designed to help business owners who do not have the time or the resources to pay an employee to do their social media.

Social media started as a way to be “social” but has quickly evolved into an important marketing tool.  Because social media is now a vital part in any marketing strategy, assigning the task to an intern is not ideal.  We provide professionally developed social media management packages and specialize in building a social media management package specifically for your brand.

The key to any good social media strategy is making sure your brand approachable so customers feel comfortable engaging, asking questions, making suggestions and joining in the conversation. Success with this process ultimately builds lasting relationships, repeat business and referrals.

Our social media management packages provide your business with branded pages, regular updates, engaging posts, custom applications and social promotions, keeping your business relevant, reachable, and approachable for consumers. We provide small business expertise and share a passion for driving business through social media.

Our social media management packages offer two things that set us apart –  small business focus and personal customer service.

You might be thinking that your business doesn’t afford to invest in social media marketing. . . but consider this.  Ninety four percent of businesses who employ a full time marketer or have a marketing department use social media as part of their marketing strategy. Sixty percent of those marketers devote a full day’s worth of work to maintaining, developing, and implementing social campaigns.

Social media is generally associated with younger users, but demographics are changing and social media is the fastest growing demographic of users 55-64 years old. Sharing content on social media might seem unfamiliar or even foreign, but the benefits are undeniable.

Social media continues to be an important marketing platform for businesses because it is cost efficient.  Aside from marketing, a good social media management package offers your brand the ability to utilize your social pages as another customer service platform, allowing you to engage with customers and answer their questions easily.

The primary reason social media management packages exist is that they are useful aids for businesses as our world becomes more digitized. Everyone agrees that the internet – Facebook business pages and tweets –  has replaced traditional advertising methods such as newspapers and magazine ads.

With just 28 percent of companies reporting that they’re where they want to be in the world of social marketing, it’s clear there’s plenty of growth for every business. Check out our social media management packages and let us help you engage with your customers. Contact us to discuss a social media management package that is ideal for your business.