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Social Media Champion

Social Media has always presented a gamut of opportunities to businesses of varying sizes and its reach is such that it enables every brand to reach out and deliver messages to literally millions of users.

Tapping into this represents a massive opportunity to businesses of all sizes, with literally billions of users out there ready to potentially receive your message and interact with your brand. The numbers make the task at hand seem rather difficult, but really, it’s a snap to do if you follow these tips!

1. Create Traction on LinkedIn


To begin with create a company page on LinkedIn where you can make sure to update regularly and add great visuals. Using your personal LinkedIn account to highlight your brand is also a great way to go, as it shows the human side of the company- answering the question, “who’s the person behind this brand?”

 2. Use Twitter for Marketing Messages


The strength to using Twitter to promote your brand is that it keeps things short and sweet. At 140 characters, a tweet about your company must be, by necessity, long enough to cover things, and short enough to keep people interested.

3. Use Triberr For Networking And Guest Posting


Triberr is known to most as the place where people can get their articles tweeted by other bloggers. However, when you think of it Triberr is a place where thousands of bloggers gather, and segment themselves into their various, searchable niches. Making your brand easier to find using such a platform will see you really reaping the benefits.

4. Google Plus

 google plus

Since Google is the leading search engine, availability on their social network also impacts search results, and this is an incredible incentive to be active here. With over 550 million active monthly users, Google plus provides brands a unique opportunity to engage with users on thecommunities  on Google Plus. A key strategy for you would be to find active communities that are related to your business and interact with them. Offering value to people will always work better than hard selling and spamming on social media.

5.  Pinterest


From beautiful artwork, tomouth-watering recipes and all the way to DIY projects, Pinterest is where users come in for their daily dose of aesthetics.Many brands that have a strong visual appeal find Pinterest very useful for promoting their services and products. Spontaneous online shopping is a prevalent trend on Pinterest and hence it is all the more important that your brand is available on Pinterest.

6.  Help People Find what they are Looking for

 lead them to you

With the sole exception of Iconic unforgettable brands, People will not flock to your page just because you built it. Most people will be unaware that you even exist on a social media platform unless you point them in the right direction. Hence relegate sufficient resources to make sure that your presence on social media is known to all.

 7.  Get on the Soapbox

get on that soapbox

Utilizing candidates within your organization who are on the speaking circuit to gain visibility for your brand is an excellent idea. Caught up in the moment, a live audience has an urge to connect with whoever is on stage and is hence more receptive to any message related to the brand.

 8. Empower the people

 employee empowerment

Employees can often be the face of an organization lending it a more humane facet. Those employees that actively engage with others on social media can be encouraged to be a part of the campaign to make the brand a talking point on these platforms. The bigger the employee pool engaged in spreading the news about your brand among their own networks, the quicker your audience will grow.

 9. Drop Names.

name dropping

Sometimes mentioning other people in your content stream can also be beneficial. Often when the person being mentioned is a well reputed individual, it may also lead to good form and garner more followers.

 10. Flaunt Your Social Streams.

 lots of social media

A multitude of widgets are present on multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest that allow exporting of data housed on these platforms onto your own website. This allows your content to be available to a broader audience; it increases the likelihood of establishing more lasting social connections among your constituency as well.

Social media lives so you can manipulate it to work for you, and with these tips, you and your brand will be working those social media crowds like a pro in no time at all!

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