We’ll set it up and you control the content!

Our Packages Include:

Web Design

We specialize in restaurant website design and hosting. We’ll do the work to set up your website and then you control the content.

 We design beautiful, professional, effective, and even fabulous websites that showcase your restaurant.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our web designs naturally include Search Engine Optimization.

When we design a website, we design it to be beautiful and professional, but we also incorporate basic SEO in the design itself.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee top search engine results, but we make sure your website is SEO ready which is necessary in order to climb to the top of the search engines.

Social Media Integration

We will connect your site with all of your active social media channels and show you best practices for sharing between your social media channels and your website.

Content Management System

Your website will be built on WordPress – the most prevalent and user-friendly content management system currently on the market.


I will personally teach you how to manage your site and keep your content current with hands-on training via a one hour Skype consultation. In addition, I will provide you with video tutorials should you get stuck and need an easy answer.